*Katharina Baron – Fashion, Content, Interviews, CD

Manny Bernardez – Sports, Lifestyle, Celeb Athletes, FX

*Hans Bjerno – Cars, Action & Aerials DP, Feature Films

Sue Ling Braun – Edgy, Fashion, Music

*Sam Ciaramitaro – Anthemic, Lifestyle, Automotive

David Falossi II – Millenial, Travel Lifestyle, Photographer

Meghan Federico – Storytelling, Docu-Style 

Nicholaus Goossen – Comedy, Experiential, Celebrity

Sebastien Guy – Lifestyle, Cars, Performance

Stephan Hadjam – Lifestyle, Vignettes, Fashion/Beauty,                         Narrative

*Paul Schneider – Light Humor, Visual Storyteller, VFX

*Laurence Thrush – Kids, Emotion, Authentic Storytelling

Nicholas Wenger – Comedy, Kids, Cars  

*Christina Xing – Docu-style, Lifestyle, Millenial

Katie Bell – Lifestyle, Kids, Realistic Performances
Favourite Color: Black  In-Camera Effects, Strong Design,                    Innovative Storytelling 
Lutz Hattenhauer – DP/Director, Cars, Lifestyle, Sports
Tom Kan – director/photographer/graphic artist; cars, titles
Tracey Rowe - Performance, Art Direction, Visual/Emotive
Julie Taymor – Tony Award-Winning Theater and Feature
  Director ‘The Lion King’,  ‘Frida’, ‘The Tempest’, ‘Titus'
Gaysorn Thavat – Storytelling, Light Humor, VFX
Lisa Vreeland – Docu-style, Fashion, Dialogue


Glenn Martin – Light Comedy, Lifestyle, Dialogue

Brendan Heath – Fashion, Beauty, Hair 

Martin Rodahl – Real People, Dialogue, Emotion, Sports,
  Branded Content

Nate Camponi – Branded Content, Docu-style, Music Videos

Nic & Sune – Comedy, Dialogue

Ryan Patrick – Comedy, Choreography, Transitions

*Vanessa Black – Lifestyle, Docu-style, Authentic Performance

Jake Zalutsky  Docu-style, Real People, Sports

*Andre Ovredal – Narrative Feature Films

*Rafael Kent – Artistic, Energetic, South American Sensibility


 Jonathan Barenboim – Director/DP, Sports

Simon Cracknell – Performance Led Visuals, Transitions

 Todd Heyman – Cinematic storytelling, authentic performances

Aaron Kodz – Emotional Human Storytelling, Cinematic Docu-style

 Michael Koerbel – Celebrities, Comedy, Automotive

*Matt Uhry – The Animal Guy, Lifestyle, Table-top

 Jose Teran – Lifestyle, Storytelling, Hispanic