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Sonia Reps is a full-service TV commercial and content representation company. We cover the Midwest, but also cover Texas and the South for some of our companies. At Sonia Reps, our focus is finding the right director or partner for your commercial or branded content. We can connect you with some of the best live action, CG, CG cars, VFX, post fx, motion graphics, design, 2 or 3D animation, animatics, stop-motion, mixed media or character animation ...and now VR, AR, Experiential and Gaming, as well as music and sound design across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.
The Sonia Reps team is led by Sonia Blum, whose years on the representation side, as an agency Account Director, along with her experience as Director of Business Development on the production side give her the experience and expertise to navigate the representation world. Interested?

Request a reel.
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