ATK PLN (LA/Dallas/Montreal) - Design, Animation, Character Animation, VFX, Live-Action
BENT IMAGE LAB (Portland/NYC/Spain) - Character CG, Stop-motion, 2D, 3D, CG Animation, Mixed Media, Live, VFX, VR, and AR   
FLIGHT SCHOOL (Dallas/Montreal) - VR, AR, Experiential, Gaming, Storytelling through Emerging Technology 
NERD PRODUCTIONS (London) - Animation of every kind, Live Action, and Mixed Media
SQUEAK E. CLEAN STUDIOS (Chicago/NYC/LA/Austin/Sydney/Melbourne) - (Merger of Nylon Studios and Squeak E. Clean) Original Composition, Sound Design and Mix, Music Licensing,  Artist Partnerships, Music Library, Experiential & Spatial Sound, and Sonic Branding

TAYLOR JAMES (NY /LA / London /S.A) - VFX, CG Photo Real, Design, Animation, Multi-Channel Content Creation and Storytelling